Booga bag question!

I went to a really big yarn store this past weekend with my mom and got some Noro Yarn to start my booga bag. How do you knit a stitch twisted? I didn’t see a video on here, but if there is, please direct me that way! Thanks ladies!


I’ve got another question! It says to pick up and knit twisted 16 stitches along first edge of rectangle. Is this like how I did with the socks, when I was picking up the 10 stitches along the sides? Or is this different? Yikes I hate being a newb! Thanks :slight_smile:

Don’t bother with the twisted stitches. I don’t really even know what that means. I didn’t do it when I made my booga and once it’s felted it doesn’t matter much anyways.

And as for picking up stitches, once you’re ready to start doing that, hold the needle with all the stitches in your right hand with the needle tip pointing towards the left. Pick up stitches along the left side of the rectangle as it’s facing you, then when you get to the bottom you continue on picking up along the bottom and then up the other side.

Have you searched the forum with the “Search” function above? There have been quite a few posts about the Booga Bag and your answer may already be waiting for you in one of those threads. :wink:

There is a difference: twisting your stitches makes a firmer fabric, which would be a good thing for a bag, felted or not.

To do a twisted stitch, you insert the needle into the rear “leg” of the stitch (the loop behind the needle) instead of the front “leg.”*

This puts a visible twist into the base of the new stitch.

*If you are a Combined knitter, you already knit into the back of each stitch. In that case, knit into the fronts of your stitches to twist them.

This particular pattern says to pick up the stitches twisted. I all my reading about this very popular bag, I don’t know if anyone’s figured out how to do that.

Ok now, I’m worried I’m going to screw up this bag. I feel like I did such a good job on the bottom, I’m not sure how to pick up the stiches and go from there. So I think I’ll wait until I can make a trip to the yarn store and have them show me. I hate not having any close to me that I know that knows how to knit! I’m lost in my own world! The Noro is such nice yarn, I hate to screw it up. Isn’t that so aweful? Or maybe it’s just that I’m scrared of doing something other than a sock! :slight_smile: I DID finish the 2nd sock btw :slight_smile:

Thanks ladies for your help, I’m such a visual learner! I guess that’s why I was an art major in college? :slight_smile:


Picking up stitches isn’t hard, and if you mess up, it doesn’t harm the knitting that you’ve done. You can just pop them out and start over.

Ok… do I actually pick up stitches like I did for my socks(I used the silver tutorial)? I insert the needle into the V (or the ridge if it’s the side) and do a knit stitch and “make” a new stitch? Doh I hate not having anyone around me to help me!

When do I do the twisted stich? After I"ve picked up my stitches or while I’m actually picking them up? Are my questions making sense?! :slight_smile:


You pick up stitches by putting the needle through and pulling through a loop, yes.

In this particular case, though, everyone who’s done the bag has kind of ignored the ‘pick up twisted’ direction and has done fine. If the entire pattern was done in twisted stitches, it would be different, but it’s not.

With this particular bag, it is awkward when you pick up the stitches around the edge of the bottom because of the shape. Things get much easier after a couple of rows of knitting.

Ok I’m going to ignore the fact I see twisted stitch and just go with it. Now I just need to find a stitch marker as I’ve never knitted in the round before! Here goes nothing! Thanks so much!


You can just tie a little loop of contrasting color yarn on your needle. You don’t need an ‘official’ stitch marker. :wink:

Yeah I"ve got a soda can top. I just filed it down with a nail file so it wouldn’t snag my yarn! :slight_smile:

I was able to pick up all my stitches so, so far so good :slight_smile: It looks a little “funky” though, but I know it’ll get better after I knit a few rows! Here’s to the next 64 rows! :slight_smile:

Thanks ladies!