Booga Bag question

I recently began on the pattern for the Booga Bag and it seems to be smaller than pictured and I’d love to make it a bit larger…has anyone knitted this bag larger than called for in the pattern and if so, how many skeins of Noro did it take and how many stitches did you cast on and pick up for the bottom? Of course, I’d have to start over again, but I hate to put so much work in it, felt and then not be happy with the size.

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I’ve made two Booga bags –

  • one according to the pattern
  • one a bit bigger (I haven’t finished the icord for this one, so I haven’t shrunk it – and have since gotten distracted with other proejcts. When I get home I’ll see if I can find it and count the stitches that I did for the base and around.

Thanks…I’m making it for my daughter-in-law and it appears to be a bit too tiny to suit me!


I’m making a booga now too, and it IS smaller… but the ones my IRL friends have completed look to be a decent size. I don’t think it woul dbe a big deal to make it bigger… cast on more for the bottom, make it a little longer… pick up and knit 150 rows instead of 100… Just need to experiment. If I try this next time I make one I will knit the bottom in something besides noro, and probablly the icord too, just because it’s so expensive (someone else on KH suggested this, :doh: why didn’t i think of that!)

Just a word about I-cord and felted purses. I have made scads of felted purses - not that I ever use them… I give them as gifts, and/or just collect them…it’s a disease I tell you…

Anyway, I have done both I-cords and twisted cords and I like both for different reasons, but twisted cords go much much faster. Also, while I adore the striping of the Kureyon yarn on the body of the bag, I really don’t like the long stretch of colors on the cord, using this yarn. With the twisted cord I get all of the colors twisted up together and I love that look for this particular bag. It took me 5 minutes to do the twisted cord, whereas the I-cord would have taken me ages.
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I’ve frogged it…I’ll also wait on Kimmie’s ideas for the cast on…I just hate picking up stitches!! Also, how do you do the twisted handle?


I meant to say I’d wait on Jessica’s pattern for the cast on for a larger bag…


I think Hilde’s plan is a good one.

Twisted cord instructions:
Okay. First determine how many yards (or feet or whatever) of cord you want to wind up with and multiply that by 8.

So, for example, if you want to end up with 2 yards of cord, you multiply 2x8=16.

Take that number and pull that amount of yarn out of your skein. So, in my example, I’d pull out 16 YARDS of continuous yarn.

Fold that in half (now I have 8 yards).

Fold it in half again (now I have 4 yards).

Tie a knot at one end.

Secure the knotted end somewhere. Either have somebody who loves you dearly hold one end, or place it over a hook. It doesn’t really matter how you secure it, but you just don’t want that end to move.

Now, holding the other end, stand across the room from the secured end and twist, twist, twist, twist (yawn) twist, twist a whole bunch. Keep doing this until the yarn is quite twisted. You can do this more or less to your liking.

When you feel it has twisted enough, match up your end to the secured end and the cord should twist and double over itself. Sometimes at this point you have to kind of help it along to make it all even. Don’t let go of your end or everything will untwist.

If you are happy with the way the cord (rope) looks, then tie both of the ends together in one bigger knot (the secured end & the end you were holding). Now you should have about a 2 yard cord.

I have felted the cords (as I did for the Booga Bag) or used them unfelted. Whatever you like!

Hopefully that made sense. After all that explaining, I wonder if Amy already has a video up or something that would make that even more clear.

Good luck!

For Hilde’s plan, how many stitches would I initially cast on to end up with 150 stitches in the round? I’m a :doh: when it comes to some things :wink: and at this point (after frogging), I just want to get it done!

Thanks for the twisted handle directions…I’ll use it on the bag.


Man…PMS has me big time…I mean to say, HOW MANY STITCHES SHOULD I CAST ON INITIALLY SO THE 150 ROWS will end up with a normal appearance?!!

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This is my first time doing a thorough scan through the forums since yesterday…or maybe it was the day before that. I can’t remember. That translates to being too long without

On the editing note, I wouldn’t edit a post with information in it if someone else has already posted after you. That just gets confusing.

OMGGGG I know I posted an answer to this… somewhere! Where’d it go??? DARN and I did whole load of math, too! Anyway, the short version is, CO 51 stitches, knit for 51 rows, then pick up stitches all around (34, 51, 34, 51) and knit 150 rows int he round… that should make it proprotionally bigger (50% bigger) all around.

That’s awesome! Thanks for the instructions…seems much faster than i-cord! Does it look similar to the i-cord once it is felted?

OMGGGG I know I posted an answer to this… somewhere! Where’d it go??? DARN and I did whole load of math, too! Anyway, the short version is, CO 51 stitches, knit for 51 rows, then pick up stitches all around (34, 51, 34, 51) and knit 150 rows int he round… that should make it proprotionally bigger (50% bigger) all around.[/quote]

If you do find that post I would love to see it. I think the Booga is going to be my next one, but I would want it bigger. By the way, what’s the deal with knitting twisted stitches with the Booga pattern? What does that even mean :?? ? Does it make a difference?