Booga Bag Pattern questions

I am starting to knit the Booga Bag Pattern. The pattern says to pick up and knit twisted 16 stitches along the first edge of the rectangle. Two questions: First, how do you pick up and knit twisted? Second, the pattern only mentions, as far as I can tell, knitting twisted on the two shorter ends and not on the two longer ends unless I am over reading the pattern. Thanks again for any help you can give me. Jeremy[/b]

I haven’t knit this bag, but this question about the twisted stitches comes up often. Generally, people who HAVE knit the bag say it’s not necessary to twist the stitches.

I just picked up the sts, then I came back and knit a round through the back of the picked up sts, thus, twisting them. But, like Ingrid said…I don’t think that most people bothered with the twisting, I did because my picked up sts look better and more even after picking up…but I don’t guess you can really tell after the felting!

FYI - Here are some kh forum booga related topics. You might find them useful :wink:



Thanks for all your help! The replies and links answered my questions. I’ll try to post a photo when I finish. Jeremy :wink: