Booga bag instructions

[i]* Pick up and knit twisted 16 stitches along first edge of rectangle. There are 17 ridges, so you just pick up one stitch between each ridge.

  • Pick up and knit 34 stitches along the bottom of your rectangle.
  • Pick up 16 stitches along last edge as you did for the first edge.

This is confusing me. Does Amy have a video??? Those always help. Anyone know what I should be doing there? TIA ~Brooke

I am sorry I can’t help you on this but I would like to find out cause I have a pattern that says about the same Sorry Jenifer

[color=olive]ME TOO!!! :crying: [/color]

I asked a similar question here for another bag I was doing. Look at Amy’s pick up stitches video.

Also, I didn’t do the “and knit” part, just picked up the stitches until they were all on the needles and then began knitting in the round. That was the part that was really confusing to me. :??

Well we’re all in this together. Someone will be around to help us soon…I hope. ~Brooke

:cheering: Thanks Mer :cheering:

[color=olive]are you all doing it on circulars cause i’m not understanding how to continue on them … or do i have to take them off??? :thinking: [/color]

You shouldn’t change needles–you want to stay on circulars so that you pick up enough stitches to form a big circle. Then you start knitting in the round. I remember it was pretty tough picking up the first few stitches when I did it because you already have some stitches on the needles (I think your pattern is probably the same).

[color=olive]yep thats it. but i did what you did and it is working so thanks for the tip Mer!!! :happydance: [/color]

pick up and knit really just means pick up. for the booga bag, once you’ve got the flat bottom done, just pick a corner, stick your needle in, wrap the yarn around just like a knit stitch, and pull it through. Voila, one stitch picked up… now, just keep on going all the way around (go to the left of where you started) and you’ll be done in no time. There have been LOTS of posts about the booga bag; some people had similar questions, so you might do a search on the site for those posts.

I am knitting the BIGGA BAG (a bigger Booga bag) :lol: because once I picked up all the stitches, the bag bottom seemed smaller than I wanted it to be…so I frogged and started over…a lady at the lys told me that she had read somewhere to add to a pattern in multiples, so instead of casting on 34 stitches, I casted on 54…and so on…still working on the bag and pray that it turns out ok, but it will take probably 4-maybe 5 skeins rather than 3 as called for in the pattern. She also told me that she found it easier to pick the stitches onto a crochet hook and then transfer back onto the circular needles with the live stitches…I detest picking up stitches…I don’t knit very tight, but it seems that it is difficult for me to “pick-up” those stitches anyway!


I’m having so much trouble with this exact same thing…I’ve read all the posts I can find on this subject, and I STILL can’t figure out how to go from knitting the 34th row to beginning the part where I start picking up stitches. I completely understand HOW to pick up stitches…that part makes sense to me…but I don’t know which corner to begin doing that or how exactly.

I know some of the posts say to choose a corner and start picking up stitches, but I don’t know HOW to start that, considering my working yarn is on my left needle. I’m at the point where I just finished knitting the 34th row…I have 34 stitches on my left needle and 0 stitches on my right needle…where do I go from here? I’m assuming I’m not supposed to break the yarn here and start picking up stitches on one of the other corners…

From what I can find, the twisted stitch referred to in the pattern is the same as knitting through the back loop, which sounds easy enough…but how do I start doing that?

Please help!! I would appreciate any and all suggestions on how to progress from here…thanks!

I never even made this bag! It’s on my To Knit List. Sorry I’m no help.

Thanks for replying anyway… :smiley:

I’ve read so many posts that make it sound like this is easy…so I feel even more frustrated that I can’t figure it out! :?? I really hope somebody can shed some light on this because it’s such a cute bag, and I’d hate for all this expensive yarn to go to waste…

hi! I think I can help… let me take a few pictures and I’ll post what to do.

Have you been knitting with circular needles the whole time?

I feel the same way about Inserting a needle into destination row, before unraveling. I’ve been practicing. I guess I would suggest that to you. Practice. :smiley:

Yes, I’ve been using circular needles from the beginning…hopefully, that’s what I was supposed to do…

yep you were just checking…

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Hooray! Way to be prepared! :cheering:


it’s taking me longer than I thought. Apparently the only thing in my house that takes double A batteries is the digi cam… we don’t have any other sizes anywhere in the house! I can’t even get the 2 good pictures I took OFF the cam :mad:
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Do you have yahoo messenger? PM me and I’ll give you my ID… then I can show you on the webcam (which takes crappy pictures, but is OK for streaming video).

I feel like a real dork saying I can help and not being able to becasue of technical difficulties :help: