Booga bag help please

okay, i have done a search for this and didn’t see an answer, i am done with the bottom of my bag, and am ready to pick up the stitches, so my question is where do i put the knitting while i pick up the stitches, i know it is still on the needles, but which needle do i use to pick up the stitches? i don’t know if i am wording this in an understandable way. i watched amy’s video, but she is picking up stitches on a bound off sample, not one where the last row is left on the needles.

thanks for any help.

You pick up the stitches on the circular needle that you used for the bottom. You’ll go down the left hand short side, across the long side and then up the other side so that you can start knitting in the round up the sides.

You’ll start picking up the stitches using the right needle along the side closest to your working yarn. You’ll actually “ignore” the left needle for a while until you get all the way around and are ready to start knitting in the round.

thanks for your help, i got it!