Booga bag for a young teenager

I made this for my best friend’s 14 year old granddaughter. I think it turned out cute. You can only see one charm, but it has a 4 leaf clover, a little handbag, a butterfly and a tiny flower on the lobster clasp. I made it so she can change out the charms if she wishes or hook whatever she wants to in front. It is a closeup so it looks large, but is about 8 inches across and not quite as big as a regular booga bag. I did most of the knitting for this bag while nervously sitting in the passenger seat of the car driving to Indiana waiting for a cell phone call that the baby was born and ok. Nothing like knitting to keep you busy no matter where you are.

MASON: Every trucker I passed while knitting I thought of you! lol

Looks great!

That looks really great. The switch-outable charms are a great idea as well.

You did a great job. My girls would have loved this bag - however, I didn’t knit when my girls were teens. I really like the colors you used. May have to make them booga bags now (they are in their 20’s and 30’s).

That is adorable! What yarn did you use?

It is Lion Brand Felting wool. It is in Rose and Winter white. The charms, etc were bought at Michael’s.

That’s cute! Perfect for a young teen!

Thats SO cute! great work!!

That’s great! :cheering: The charms is also a really good idea.

Love it! It looks great! And the charm is a great idea.

Very cute bag.


looks great and I like the charms idea! and I understand what you mean about keeping busy. my knitting/crochet is what is keeping me from jumping off the deep end these days!!!

Love the pink!