Booga bag felting question

I’m making a booga bag, and I’m about ready to felt it. Is it necessary to put it in a zippered pillow case? Being away at college tends to limit the random stuff you have laying around.

Also, the washers here are pretty basic, and the settings are Whites, Colors, and Bright Colors. Which one would work best?

Putting it in a pillow case helps keep the washer from getting lint all over it. You can also just put it in a regular pillow case and tie a knot in the top. I think it helps the bag rub against itself to felt quicker.

Use the Whites setting on the washer for the hottest water.

You can use a larger lingerie bag if you have one (that’s my fave since you can see through the bag) or a regular pillow case tied at the top (harder to keep checking on that though, wet knots are hard to undo). The purpose of the bag is just to keep the lint from getting all over the washer basket and into the washer’s pump. I never have much lint from Noro, but since it’s my own washer I play it safe and bag it. If you decide to go without anything, I would use jeans rather than towels for the agitation factor, since even old towels can lint. Remember you will be digging it out to check on it frequently so keep that in mind when you choose your water temp - the agitation is more important than the temp, although I wouldn’t use cold water.

As for settings, I never had a washer that went by colors, but I would suppose the Whites setting gives more agitation, since you usually want to be more gentle on colors.

I use a regular pillow case, but instead of using a knot in top which is very hard to un-do like the previous poster said, I secure the top of the pillowcase with a hair elastic.

I thought about the elastic (or rubber band?), Knitqueen, but wasn’t sure if it would make it through the cycle without coming off. Glad to know it’s a safe choice, although there hasn’t been a hair elastic at my house since my younger days (which was only, um, a few [size=1]too many[/size] years ago, LOL).

Any kind of rubber band would work - the hair elastics just come off easier cause they’re a bit slipperier.

Zip ties— walmart has them in the tool department. I bought a bag of 50 for a few dollars. You have to cut them off, but they work very well, trust me! Rubber bands always came undone.