Booga Bag dumb blonde moment

I wasnt going to share this with you all because in hindsite it makes me look like such an idiot, but I will :slight_smile: I now only wish I had taken pictures of it so you could see how stupid I really can be!

Booga bag destructions - CO 34, knit 34 rows and then pick up 16, 17 and 16 on the rectangle to knit in the round. So, I do my 34, and then I go to pick up. I used the wrong needle. Not the one I had been working with with the live stitches, but the other. I cannot even tell you how funny and twisted the whole thing looked. So, I tore out the pick ups (which of course is no big deal and now left nice spaces for when I picked up correctly…) and try again. And yes somehow I did it again with the wrong needle! Same result! So I look at it and all of a sudden EUREKA the lightbulb goes off! Use the needle with the live stitches! All the live stitches will then be together!!! DOH!

Its going great now. Its a great brainless project, totally mindless garter stitch in the round. I am using my Denises on it and they are working fabulously.

:rollseyes: I’ve done similar things. As I was working last night on the scarf I’m knitting, I totally forgot how to do the cable in the middle. I’d done it at least 6 times already, but I just drew a complete blank. It was well after midnight, so there’s that to consider!

I think this is why :doh: is included in the emoticons!