Booga Bag and noro yarn --Help!

I am a relatively new knitter…taught myself everything from this website…but I have picked it up relatively quickly. If I could get my digital camera working, I would post a pic of the purse I made and designed myself (as I was knitting it) to show you all.

Anyway, I want to make the Booga bag for myself and as gifts for family and friends for Christmas The pattern calls for Noro yarn…where can I buy it? Is there a good online source for it? Or what other yarn could I sub for it? I am still new to this, so I am still learning about yarns…

Lots of folks here have found their favorite online sources for Noro. If you click the search button above, and search on “Noro Kureyon” I bet you’ll find PLENTY of resources! :thumbsup:

But you can use any 100% wool

wow their prices look really good. have you ordered from them before?

Have you checked out yet? People around here really seem to like Wool of the Andes and you can’t beat that price.

the only think that keeps me from ordering from them is that i can’t decide on the colors!!

Alot of us have used Wool of the Andes for our booga bags.

This is Knitqueens Booga bag that inspired me to make my first one! She also used Knitpicks Wool of the Andes.

ooh i am so glad you posted that cuz i was looking for something in an orange and pink kind of look!!

I’m doing my booga bag right now in Wool of the Andes from and everything seems to be going well. It’s not self-striping; I’m making a pink bottom with a pink ‘edge’ around the top & pink handles with a blue body & will felt flowers for decoration…all from WOTA :wink:

how do you do stripes??? i have 3 colors for my booga and i’m not sure if i want odo stipres or if i want to blend cause the are the same color just different shades of pink… :thinking:

i would guess you would just knit for as many rows as you want your strip to be and then change yarns.

BUT…when you are knitting in the round and change colors there is a certain way that it should be done or it will be noticeable! Scroll about 1/2 way down this article in this link & read ‘avoid the jog’ and it will describe the technique

psssst…what article?

:oops: OOPS…
sorry about that :blush:
Okay, this a a very cute pattern for socks…BUT, you scroll about 1/2 way down and it will have a couple of paragraphs entitled something along the lines of “Avoiding the Jog” … the directions for perfect striping in the round.
WOW, glad I looked back in tonite :doh:
:zzz: good evening all…

lol…so am i cuz i am near to getting ready to change colors on my bag that i am working on and i would have just picked up and went on with a new color. I woulda been mad if it looked all funky when i was done.

Well…you woulda been mad at me…bc you would NOT have liked that little obvious color change…it might not even show up when it’s felted…but then again…maybe it will. Anyway, it’s a good tip to stock away in your ‘tip’ file…forgive :blush: me?!

it certainly isnt’ your fault silly. there was no way i was going further after you mentioned the article so i could make sure i was doing it right! I am just glad you said something at all!! :inlove:

You are too funny :roflhard: :rofling: !! I wasn’t gonna take the blame…lol!! I’m messing with you…the good thing is, as we said…now you have a very, very good tip!! As you read about my faux pas with my zig and zagging scarf on your pm :lol: :lol: . Happy to keep you from doing that… :thumbsup:

bj…I think Hilde has ordered from woolneedlework before. You might want to ask her for more info.

If I were to use WOTA for the booga bag instead of the noro kureyon, do I need to change needle sizes, number of knitted rows etc or does WOTA felt to the same size like noro kureyon?


thanks I forgot i asked the questtion, but i’m glad it got answered!! thanks