Boobs are an issue.

Okay so, I am making this cardigan but in 2x2 ribbing rather than brioche with a checker pattern for the bands. However, I doubt the length. The model doesnt have the titties and ass that I do. If I was to make this at the length suggested it would not go to my ankle due to my curves. I was thinking of knitting the back to 120 cm then shaping the arm holes. I am 159 cm tall.

Any thoughts?

You can customize to any length you’d like. Why not try knitting to 120cm and see if you like it? You can also see how the 2x2 ribbing works as far as stretch and width.


So, I’m still working on this piece and I finally learned how to pick up stitches. I’ve been knitting lot’s of piece’s but no one wants to see a boring old sweater.

I’ll post pics when in done with this epic cardigan.

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