Boo boo bear

I’ve wanted to make a teddy bear for so long and I finnaly cast on! I have the belly and the back done but now I’ve noticed that I missed the section that told me to knit 7 row between where I increased and then decreased.
I’ve already cast off and don’t want to frog it back…I just don’t want to!
What do you all think? Should I keep going knowing he’ll be a stumpy body bear but still cute? Or should I suck it up and do it again!?

If I’d gone more than a few rows I’d probably keep knitting. Squatty bears are cute, too. :lol:

Haha! I’ve cast both sides off! That’s what I was thinking as well. Thanks JAN!

Well, why not make a round bear? it would really be better than doing too much extra.

And you can still frog when you are done and it doesn’t look good. I mean: then is no more work than now!

7 rows… how much is that in respect to the bear? Is he 20 rows tall total? then that is a LOT. The bigger he is the less it matters. you know what I mean?

But just follow your instincts!

I see you’ve already done it, but I would vote for stumpy bear, too. Please update with photos when you get the chance.

I just need to finish one more arm then make his two ears and stitch on his face.
He’s too funny! I’m glad I kept going he looks very cute. I’ll update with pics…if someone could remind me how? Or is there a sticky?