I’d like to knit this:
for my 2.5 yo daughter but on much thinner needles (size 6 mm 10 US) would it still look good or would it loose it’s speciall shape?

Also, since this is done in stockinette stitch, won’t it curle up under the ears area?

Thanks for your suggestions.

You could use smaller needles, though if you’re going to use the 6 strands of yarn, it may be pretty stiff and you may need to CO more sts. I don’t think the lower edges would curl too bad, it depends on the yarn you use. Larger needles and thick yarn (6 strands of regular yarn make it really thick) tends not to curl as much as smaller needles and yarn, and only the edge stitches might curl under.

I made mine on size 15s, with 3 strands of worsted, for my dd. I would think at 10, maybe use try 2 strands of worsted or several of fingering. Your stitches won’t be as big, so you’ll likely have to cast on more (I did 35 for my 4 year old’s head, but I was knitting on circs, so I just cast on until it went around the top of her head loosely, and made it an odd #, then knit until it was ready to cast off in the back).

The way this one is knit, all the curling happens around the face - it curls toward the back, so it won’t curl up from the bottom - and the curl around the face is sweet, imo, and adds to the look! Here is the link to my version

I got curious, so went looking for it…