Bond pattern by Lisa Richardson

Hello I have a pattern which called for baby merino silk dk
US 3 and US 6 needle
29 sts and 35 rows to 4 inches using size 6 needles
I would like to use organic cotton worsted which calls for needle 7-9
4 to 5 sts per inch

How do I convert to make gauge ?

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What pattern are you using? I think getting gauge with worsted cotton will be difficult and will probably produce a rather stiff fabric. Is that what you want? It might be better to adapt the pattern to your yarn worked at a suitable gauge. Generally speaking if you want more stitches per inch you use a smaller needle. Personally I can’t imagine using a US 3 needle with worsted weight cotton.

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Pattern is Bond by Lisa Richardson

Cute pattern. I wonder if this is one when doing a smaller size but working at a larger gauge might work. I’ve not done it myself so don’t know how to figure it out.

That’s quite a difference in gauge. You would probably to better to find a similar pattern in worsted weight rather than re-design the pattern for DK.
Try knitting a gauge swatch in the pattern stitch with your yarn and needles. It will give you an idea of the size needles you need to use and a feel for the finished knit fabric.

Here are a couple of patterns that might appeal.