Bolero 13 knitting help needed

trying to knit a bolero, instructions say twist center front: place 31 sts on holder, hold to front of work, k31 sts &then knit sts from holder,How do I do this , I am confused how to do this, could someone walk me through the step or steps? I have been trying to do this step for 2 days! with no luck

It’s a cable twist, a giant cable twist. Put 31 sts sts on a dpn or other needle or stitch holder. Let them flop toward you then knit 31 sts off the Left needle and go back to the 31 sts on the holder and knit them. Here’s a video for a cable cross with less stitches, but it’s done the same way.

A [I]sixty-two stitch[/I] cable?? :noway: How on earth would you ever get the first one done? The most I’ve ever tried was 8 (4 + 4, not 8 + 8) and even that felt like a reach.

Whatever next? 40-stitch I-cord?