Body Measurements

Does anybody know of a good website that would tell you the best way of measuring yourself so you can get a good idea of how you compare to a pattern’s measurements? Do you know if the measurements in patterns are standardized? Meaning when they give you a certain measurement (around the bust, around the midsection) is always take the same way?

Michelle :??

Yarn Standards is a great resource for all kinds of things!!

Sometimes patterns tell you the finished size, sometimes they tell you the “to fit” size, and sometimes the REALLY GOOD ones tell you both.

It’s helpful to have someone else measure you, that way you make sure your arms are in the right positions and all that.

I don’t think I’ve every measured my body for knitting. I measure my clothing.

I remember there being detailed instructions on how to go about measuring yourself on the knitting fiend site, but it seems to be down right now. Hopefully it’s just temporary, and you’ll be able to get in and do a search for the tutorial by the time you read this.

Thanks guys! I just want to make sure that when I’m done my sweater is going to fit the way I think it will LOL! I recently finished a sweater that I had been working on for 12 years (yes…you read that right), and when I started it, I was making it to fit a 34 bust and I swear the thing must be at least a 42. It is absolutely huge! I’ve decided that I’m going to rip out the sweater even though it kills me to do it and reuse the yarn for something else :frog: :frog:

I’m starting a new sweater, and like I said…I want it to fit! The pattern gave the measurements, but I’m not sure when I measuring where I’m wanting to put the tape measure.


Knitting fiend is back up! Here are Lucia’s instructions on how to measure yourself. (I think she intends them to be used with her sweater pattern generators, but I’m sure you can use them for general measuring purposes.) You gotta love the colorful little stickers she uses. :teehee:

Hey, count yourself lucky that you didn’t grow into it after 12 years… :doh:


Ooooh…I hadn’t thought of that! I guess there are worse things :rofl: