Body Double

This is not exactly knitting, but I’ve sure used my old one for trying my sweaters on as I’m knitting or pinning the pieces together to check fit. And it’s really fun to make. Here’s a link for how to:

And a pic of what I did to it afterwards. (She is in a bathing suit) I ordered the paper tape from Dick Blick which I found on the internet and got a cardboard roll from Joann’s (upholstery department) and placed it on a thrift store floor lamp base.

Wow! That is just so cool :smiley:

What a neat idea!

Wow…that’s very clever! I’m not sure where I’d put something that large though. :think:

I am so going to do this! Thank you for posting, this will be an awesome thing for me!

Jan, I have my third garage set up as a sewing/exercise place, but right now she’s just standing in the corner of my office! I have my double just hanging from the rails, but I like putting it in a stand for more stability.

Carmen, have fun with it! The trick is not to totally immerse the sheets of tape. I put a rolled up towel in the bathroom basin and thoroughly saturate it. Then run the sticky side of tape across that and put on the body. First time we did it we were totally immersing them. Well, I can’t stand there for 24 hours for it to dry! Cut it off and it slipped into a big mucky pile and died a horrible death.


Glad you figured it out! And thanks for the heads up!

Thanks. I have to have one!

I never thought of using my dress form for my knitting. I better go and get her from my moms. You did a great job on your form.