Bobbley Dishcloth

My first dishcoth (cuz they’ve always seemed a little pointless to me). This one is apparently a trinity bobble pattern? I dunno…it was a fun quick knit. It’s just a pointless tchochke to add to my mom’s birthday present this weekend. It goes with the Bambozelle box and a “real” present of a gift certificate to somewhere.

Sugar’nCream, baby. Ta-da!

the stitches are very pretty! I am sure Mom will love it.

The pattern looks very intricate! I’m sure she’s going to love it!

You know what’s fun? The pattern is SO easy and simple! Hooray! :cheering:

It’s too bad my mom thinks dishcloths are the absolute most disgusting thing on the planet…but at least she humors me and my habit. :teehee:

That is one of my favorite stitches for washclothes. It took me a few tries to get the hang of it, but once I did it really was really quick and easy. Yours looks great! :happydance:

That’s a lovely gift!

That is fabulous! That’s one thing I love about dishcloths, they are a great small project to try out new pattern stitches.

Thanks everybody!
I love coming here (for many reasons!) because it’s nice to have someone tell me what I make is nice. :muah:

Lovely! Such a great gift!

Love it!!! Do you have the pattern? Or is it posted and I missed it?

I’m sorry! I do have the pattern. I forgot that I linked it in another post but not here :?? .

here it is!

thank you!!!