Bobble Stitch?

Question for you Pros…
I have a pattern that says to make the following stitch: M5 It is described as: Make 5 sts from 1 st by working p1, k1, p1, k1, p1 all in same stitch.
After the first p1, do I take the st off the right needle and put it back on the left and continue or do I not take the stitch off the left needle.
Any help?
Thanks much,

You don’t take the stitch off of the needle.

You don’t take the stitch off the needle until you have finished all five actions. It makes a ‘bobble’ or a larger, round, raised decorative stitch on the surface of the knitting. Often used on hats or jumpers.

Thank you all very much. Sure wish there were a video…I have yarn everywhere !!!

There is. Right here under Advanced Techniques. Look for Decorative Stitches.