Bobble question.....?

Does anyone know if it is possible to knit a bobble in the round? Seems akward to turn the work. …hmmmm…any thoughts?:yay:

You have to turn, work the WS then turn to work the RS. You can do a bobble pattern on an item knit in the round, but still have to do the turning to make the bobble because there’s only a few sts involved. You might want to look into ‘backwards knitting’, where you don’t turn to work on the RS. There’s videos on Youtube I think, and while it’s generally used in entrelac knitting to avoid turning, would also work for bobbles.

great idea, suzee, to knit backwards. I just looked it up for the left-hand-knitting thing… the knit witch has a video, e.g.:

It is not quite my thing, but it will work, that looks easy enough.

Basically, you knit from right needle to the left one, by working a knit stitch through the back loop.

If that is your thing, you can try it out.

Otherways: just turn your work. Is there a specific problem? (very big project that is hard to turn? or very tight tube?) still, just turn it. It is easier than you think.

Thanks!:woot: I might try the backwards knitting - but turning may be just as “easy”. It is a relatively small pice on circular needles - so I thought that there might be a better way than turning - but turning is possible.