Bobble Question

I am knitting a fingerless glove pattern called Sourwood Mountain from the site and the pattern reads:
MB: (k1, yo, K1) in next stitch; 1 st increased to 3 sts. Turn work. p3 tbl, turn work. K3, pass second and third sts. on right needle over the first stitch; 3 sts. Decreased to 1 stitch.
My question is - how to do the p3 tbl.??
Please help!

It’s a little awkward but very do-able.

Very nice pattern. I do like knitty.

I am making them for my girlfriend for her Birthday to go with the scarf called Daphne by Saranac Hale Spencer and the Defarge Knittery from 2011, in case you are interested.

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Oh wow, gorgeous presents! Enjoy finishing them up.