Bobble Pattern Help

In my instructions to do a Bobble it says to first

K, P, K, P, K all into one stitch. From the tutorials online I was used to K, YO, K, YO, K. How do I do the Purl stitches all in one?

To purl the stitches in one, just bring the yarn forward between the needles and purl the same stitch. Then for the next knit, bring it back between the needles.

I think it would be easiest to knit through the back loop of the stitch so you can purl through the front loop.

Excellent!! Thank you very much!

Now how do you usually do bobbles so they don’t become all bundled/scrunched up together? I have most difficult distinguishing the stitches.

Isn’t the point of a bobble to be bundled, scrunched together? :shrug:

Yes tis true! lol, but I have such a hardtime turn my work and purling it then turning back and seeing which stitches I’ve done. I guess I just need advice from those Bobbles knitters to see if they had any tips. Thanks for your help! :wall:

When I have stitches bunched up like that, I make use of my fingernails to separate them and squeeze that needle in.

REALLY REALLY REALLY helps to use KnitPicks OPTIONS for ‘bobbling’! The pointy tips make ‘bobbling’ a breeze!!!

Sorry what is KnitPicks OPTIONS for ‘bobbling’? Never heard, please do tell!

Hi Knitme! sells an innovative NEW interchangeable needle set, called “OPTIONS”…and it is all the rage! The price is unbelievably low!
Looking into some of the topics in General Knitting (here at KnittingHelpForum)…the knitters are all a-buzz and ECSTATIC over them! Me, too! Here is a link to the OPTIONS page!
The tips of ALL SIZES of needles are pointier than Addi’s, therefore, they are more precise for intricate stitch manipulations like cables, bobbles, decreases of all kinds, etc. Also great for knitting with 2 strands. They are less apt to “miss” one of the strands.