Bobble on which side?

Should a bobble be made from the WS since (by what I read somewhere) they have a tendency of popping to the back side? Or would it be ok to just knit them from the front like the way Amy shows on her bobble video.


Some of the bobbles I’ve done wanted to go to the back, but I just poked them through to the front. I’ve always done them on the front.:shrug:

Hmm, ok. Thanks Ingrid. Though I’m not following this pattern exactly it does appear to want the bobbles created on the purl side but the picture of the finished item looks to me like the bobbles are on the knit side. :shrug:

I’ll go at it from the front. :slight_smile: Thanks for the reassurance!

I love makeing bobbles! If they don’t go where you want them to go then just poke them. If they don’t look as round as you want them to look then just pull/poke them untill they suite you! BOBBLES ROCK!

I read this from Sally, on the Tips & Tricks Section in
When making bobbles, after you have got back to the one st on the right hand needle, bring the yarn towards you, slip this st to left hand needle, take yarn to back and slip st back onto right hand needle, now pull tight. This ensures that your bobbles will not slip to the back.
It works!!:woohoo:

You’re a sick person Psquidy! LOL. I just did like 48 bobbles and holy cow do they take a long time… and a lot of yarn!

Thanks for posting that tip Silvia. I did read that on someones site. I didn’t really need to use it this time, but tucked that tid bit of information away.