Bobble instead of Pom pom

Hello - can anyone tell me how I would knit a ‘bobble’ shape to use instead of a pom pom?
I have made a Christmas jumper for a little one and the snowman on the front has a Pom Pom on his hat. I don’t want to make one because of the strands that may be pulled out and for ease of washing - so how can I knit a bobble to use instead.
I’ve tried looking it up on line but just get bobble stitch not the actual bobble - hope this makes sense thank you all

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It’s quite possible that you will get a better suggestion than this but if all else fails then you can use this instruction by working unto a single slip knot (step 1, instead of work in pattern to where you want the bobble just create a slip knot with a long tail)
Then step 13 fasten off last stitch, pull slip knot to cynch up the stitches and use one or both tails to fasten to sweater.

You didn’t say how big you need the bobble. You can repeat step 3 a few times to make bigger, then you will need to work additional rows by repeating steps 5, 6, 7.
The work 2tog rows would need to be worked a few extra times to just reduce the stitches rapidly and finally, if needed, thread the tail of the slip knot through all the selvedge stitches on one edge, through the bind off stitch, through the selvedge stitches on the other edge and back to where the slip knot started. Pull to cynch the bobble together.
I just made one with extra stitches and rows and turned it to the purl side as the outside which i thiught looked a better texture for a bobble. Past a certain size you’re going to need some stuffing or the bobble will collapse in on itself, a piece of Terry wash cloth (or a square of knitting) stuffed in would pad it to avoid any shedding of toy wadding strands.

I think it’s a great idea to knit up a bobble rather than make a pom pom.

That’s a brilliant idea - thank you so much. I’ll give this a go

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Hope it works out for you.
You might also try garter stitch for the rows as it might be a nice texture for the pop pom look of the bobble.