Bob the builder toy

Hi, newbie to the forum here, (so excuse me if ive put this in wrong section) hi to all, i am looking for a Bob the Builder knitting pattern, i was hoping to knit it for my grandson, but i have looked everywhere for it, any help?

i found this one at . she mentions it’s an alan dart pattern. he’s at (and only at… no facebook etc) but he charges as it’s his profession/livelihood too. i can’t find the bob-the-builder pattern on his site. it was referenced in 2009 so may be archived, but his contact page is at hope that helps!


i also see it on ravelry but referencing 3 out-of-date publications. Woman’s Weekly, July 13, 2004 Craft Special, Woman’s Weekly Knitting & Crochet Special, January 2010 and Woman’s Weekly Craft Special, Spring 2010. it’s possible your local library has these digitally you could see (infotrac, and other periodical services many libraries use).

Thank you for all your help XtopherCB, have emailed several people trying to find the best place to get the pattern but seems they are like gold dust, will keep looking, thanks again x