Boat neck tank top

Wow, that was boring to knit, but that was ok. There were times when that was a good thing.

I don’t like the bottom. I may pick up and knit another 10 rows in garter stitch because that might make it look nicer. But, it is ridiculously soft. I knit the size up from the smallest since my yarn had a really small gauge compared to the recommended one. It does still feel roomy, though. If I could do it again, I might have knit more garter stitch rows so that the neck line would really be more “boaty.”

Well, I like the look of the neckline! I often see items like that where the neckline overwhelms the rest of the outfit.
Adding on ‘may’ wind up looking like something has been ‘added on’ :slight_smile: Hard to say but I think overall it looks good. It is a little…frilly?..on the bottom perhaps…but you could correct that maybe with a cord tie or just darting in the side seams at the bottom?

Forget tie…it’s not long enough but because I think the length is actually right for you…I would amend just with a dart in the side seams (taking it in half an inch or so at seams near the base of the garment). I think you should be pleased with the result over all :slight_smile:

Forgot to ask what the yarn is?

OOOooo – I like it!!!

It’s Lionbrand Microspun (microfiber? I can’t remember which now).

It’s so rediculously soft. I may frog that cast off and just add rows. I’m just not too eager because i’m on to the next project :slight_smile:

Oooo I like that!

Looks really nice on you and i LOVE the neckline!

It is just great looking!

I like it! It looks great on you, really cute and casual. Where did you find the pattern?

Wow! What a great-looking tank top! :cheering:

Oops. I forgot to mention the pattern was from knit.1 magazine’s green issue. I think that’s from this summer.

Okay, while you knit it you are sure to know all the little things that you would change/don’t like. However, as far as I can see/tell, it is beautiful and PERFECT. I LOVE this tank sweater. I’ll have to (when I get to a point where my DH will let me start yet ANOTHER project) try this out.

Thanks for sharing the pix of your FO.

Congrats again for finishing it… that is a foreign concept to me right now LOL… Just ask my DH. HA!

Hehe. Well…I have a trick to making sure I finish a project. I won’t buy any more yarn or tools than I need for one project only. For the most part, I’ve done ok.

Now there is a loop hole though, and that is that all my stash (tiny compared to most KHers) is sitting in storage until we move into our house. “Good excuse to buy more” where said in front of me while we were packing. I took it to heart!

The microspun was for a different project in that magazine but I decided on the tank instead. I wore it all day and it’s not as hot as I thought it might be, so that’s great. I think I will tweak the armscyes so they’re not so big (I’ve not weaved the ends yet so I have room to do that) but I’ll leave the hem alone.

It looks really good as is to me. I’d shorten the armscyes if they’re too low so you’ll feel comfortable wearing it, but wouldn’t alter anything else.

That is The Perfect Tank. I heart boat neck anything. :slight_smile: That looks lovely on you. Why don’t you not mess with it for a little bit and see if the bits you don’t like don’t grow on you? It looks perfect to me. WTG!!

Well, I’ve worn it twice as is. I think the armseyes are too big and I’ll deal with that. I’m ignoring the hem and happy to do so.

Did I say as is? Yeah. I am too lazy to weave in the one offending thread.

Thanks for the compliments though! I’m working on another tank, Latoya. The weather is working in my favor :slight_smile:

It’s gorgeous, you did a great job!

How are you liking Austin? Hope the move went smoothly!

I like your result. Looks very comfortable and wearable. With the dark color I can’t see the stitches real well. Is it some sort of rib stitch?

I like it just as it is. Nice fit, too. I have some microspun in my stash… hmmmmm…