Boat neck line

How to do a boat neckline, I am stuck. Please help.:

Need to have more informartion…
Do you have a pattern or are you making one up?
Are you knitting seamlessly or in pieces?
Sweater or sleeveless?

Easiest one is to knit 2 squares or rectangles and seam the shoulders.

The items I’ve done with a boat neckline generally call for making two pieces that are nearly identical front and back (in other words, the front part of the neck doesn’t have a pronounced “scoop” in front). The neckline bindoff is basically on the last row of the pattern, or nearly the last row, and leaves only a very few inches of stitches for a shoulder seam on each side. The neckline will therefore be very high and wide with very short shoulder seams.

Not sure if this is what you were looking for. Some more detail about your pattern would help.