BO, stitch holder, BO

Hi! I’m knitting my first sweater and am wokring the part of the pattern that shapes the sholders from the back piece. The pattern says to BO 16 sts, then put next 36 sts on a holder, bind off rem 16 sts. My question is after I BO the first 16 sts, do I just move the next 36 sts to the stitch holder or do I knit them onto the stitch holder? If I don’t knit them then how do I get the yarn over to the other side of the sts that got moved over to the stitch holder? Thanks![/u]

Unless they specify to knit the middle stitches, it appears the intent is to have you simply move them to a stitch holder. Since you are binding off the first side, you probably have to cut the yarn any way, so just start working the second set of BO stitchs with the yarn you just freed from the first section. It’ll be one more end to weave in, but that’s not too big a deal.

Thanks very much Marnie. Just one more question…after I cut the yarn how do I go about tieing to the other side?

It’s really just a balancing act. You just stick your needle into the stitch as if to knit it, then loop the yarn around. Some people them go on to work both the tail and working end at the same time (so it’s double thickness) others just secure the tail and work with the working end of the yarn. It’s up to you and may partially depend on your yarn thickness.

Thank you so much!! I really appreciate you sharing your knowedge…