BO question: K2 P2 ribbing

For binding off K2 P2 ribbing, I have been using the laborious method described in the Vogue knitting book. It involves keeping the work on one needle and then using a tapestry needle to follow a complicated pattern of stitches to bind off. It results in a nice stretchy edge, but it’s complicated, time consuming, and I have to look it up and follow the instructions every time I use it.

Is there a better way??? If I simply BO in pattern will the resulting edge be stretchy enough?

Depends on how stretchy you need it. If it’s the cuff of socks, you’ll probably want to do a special BO for that extra stretch. But for sweater edges, it should be fine. Check out the video in the BO section, I think I call it Basic Knit BO, alternating with Basic Purl BO. It shows the method briefly, and I demonstrate its stretchiness.


Thanks, Amy!

OK, here’s another BO question: is there a BO method that matches the Double cast-on in appearance, stretch, etc?