Bo neck in cable sweater. looks awful. help please

binded off stitches in pattern. pattern put me right in the middle of a cable to bind off. I went through the motions to see how it would turn out and it looks awful. I know I have to pick these stitches up again to finish the front, but this is a first for me. any advise anyone could give would be greatly appreciated. i ripped it all back going to try again.
thanks becka

If you’re bindong off over the cable column of sts, knit two together as you bind off. It will tighten up the cable and make the bind off smoother.
If you’re in the middle of the cable in the sense that you’re one row away from the cable twist itself, undo the rows and reknit, skipping the twist, then do the bind off. It will lie flatter that way…

thank you, I did it, looks pretty good.