BO neck and work shoulder same time?

As a new knitter, I have been lurking on this site for about a month and have enjoyed every minute! I am working on the Taos Garter Rib Pullover and got to the neck and shoulder shaping. My question is how do I DO this: neck and shoulder shaping start on same row and are being worked at the same time (I understand this idea). Working both sides at the same time BO 3 sts on shoulder edge…the weird part…AT THE SAME TIME BO center 37 sts for neck…etc… When I do this, won’t I be stranded on one side of my work? How do I get back to the other shoulder if I BO the center? Tried to find the answer in another post and couldn’t do it. Thank you for listening!


I would think that the one side would need to be put on a holder. Is this the neck and armhole maybe, shoulder is up higher than neckline…

Use another strand of yarn for the other shoulder. Either the other end of the skein you’re using for the first shoulder, or from another skein.

There is no mention of a holder or starting with a different thread, but that makes sense. (Scissors and knitting make me nervous!) I will try this and forget that the pattern said “at the same time”. Yes, the neckline is slightly lower than the shoulder. Thank you!


Thanks again Suzeeq…it worked! I used your suggestion of attaching the other end of the skein and now understand “at the same time”! Now…the back section of the sweater!


You can also do just one shoulder first, then work on the other shoulder. But doing them at the same time as if they ere on the same row (only in 2 parts) helps you get the same shaping and length on both sides.