BO in pattern question >>>>

I’m doing a BO on a K2P2 rib. I’ve done BO with just a knitted row and that was very easy-K2, pass one over and off, etc.

When I do a BO with a rib, though, I’ll K2 and take one off, then I’m looking at a purl stitch on the left needle and a knit stitch on the right needle. So do I BO as if I’m doing a P bind off or ??? And if so, on the next 2 stitches, I’ll be looking at a knit stitch on the left and a purl on the right (right???) and then I BO as a regular K BO?

I might be making this more complicated than it is, but anyway, that’s me.

Thanks in advance!!!


I typically stick with the pattern.

In K2P2 ribbing, I K the K stitches and P the P stitches. I pass the stitches over one another for the BO just as I would if it were straight knitting.

You’ll still be doing K2, P2 but passing stitches over as you bind off. Just knit the K stitches and purl the P stitches, as clarkee says.

I thought I answered this, I guess I didn’t send it. Yes to what the others said. The BO is only the part where you pass the sts over the others, the rest is just doing the row as you normally would. Binding off in ribbing makes the BO on the edge too, instead of laying to the front or the back when you do a knit or purl BO.

Just in case, there is a page full of videos for bind-offs. One for a K1 P1 mid-page.

hi, i’m brand new to knitting and i’m having the same problem. i understand what you’re all saying, but when i do this it makes the end of the scarf twice as wide as the rest of it. is there another way, or a way to fix the wideness, or am i just not doing it right?

thanks : )

You could use a smaller needle for the BO.

do you think knitting and purling 2 together would help at all?

I don’t know how that would look. Try it out and see.

hey, so i tried my k2tog, p2tog idea… it works and looks just great. it’s not stretchy, but i just used it on a scarf so it’s cool!

You might try the k/p sts tog idea on larger needles so it’s a little more stretchy, but still doesn’t flare out.