BO every 2nd row 4 sts once, 2 sts twice?

Hi everyone,

I am currently knitting a sweater (my second). I have been knitting in the round and have come to the separation of front and back, where I make space for the sleeves and begin knitting the back. I am very confused about how to do this.

Here’s the part I don’t understand:


Remove Beginning of Row Marker, BO 5(6, 7, 8, 8) sts once, for armholes, at each end." (I just did this. The next stanza is the one I really don’t get).

"Then on BO every 2nd row 4 sts once, 2 sts twice and 1 st - 3 (4, 5, 5, 6) times = 16 (18, 20, 21, 22) sts reduced on each side – 58 (60, 68, 72, 76) sts remaining for Back.

Work in lace pattern until work measures 21.5 (22.5, 22.5, 23, 23)” from CO edge."

I just don’t really understand “4 sts ince, 2 sts twice,” etc. What does that mean? All at once? After different markers? At different points in the row? And how does that add up to sixteen? I know how to do the lace pattern, but the rest I don’t get.



Welcome to KH!

You have sts set aside for back and front. After you bind off for the armhole, you’re going to work on the back.

Bind off 4sts at the beginning of the row, work to the end of row, turn, bind off 4sts at the beg of the row and then work to the end. Now bind off 2sts, work to the end, turn, bind off 2sts, work to the end of row. Repeat this bind off of 2sts and then do the same thing but bind off 1 stitch at the beginning of the rows on each side and repeat for the number of times given for your size (3 times for size small).

On each side you bind off 4 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 1=11sts. The pattern is also adding in 5sts for the initial armhole bind off, so 16sts on each side for size small.

Oh my gosh, that makes sense. I’ve been trying to figure this out all week. Thank you so much for the help!