BO? (Bad Object)?!?

So do we call a project gone wrong a B.O.? Bad Object? :roflhard:

This was my 3rd dog sweater…remember, I don’t JUST make dog sweaters, but my girls were cold in February when I clipped them, so I made 3 out of necessity (see them on my blog) and 1 as February’s KA (my first).

Here’s the BO. It’s the same pattern as the others, but being made with the knobby Lion Brand Homespun really messed it up!

Cricket is so cute she would look lovely modeling a paper sack :slight_smile: That said, I love your new creation. The blue is stunning on her! :cheering: :cheering:

LOL! So true! I wrote on my blog that she’s “cute enough to pull it off” :)…It’s hard to be humble (and she’s not) when you’re THAT cute! :wink:

Hey, don’t be so hard on yourself, there’s nothing wrong with it. Very cute puppy! :thumbsup:

Looks like it fits

She has the perfect wistful expression you’d expect a photographer to direct a model to have for a photo like that!

Thanks, the photographer can’t take credit for that, her every waking thought is about the next treat! :teehee:

I think it looks great! :shrug:

Thanks all, :hug: I thought it was SO horrible, I wasn’t going to let her wear it! Maybe it’s not so bad after all. It DOESN’T cling like the others (link below or on my blog), but I guess it’s really OK. I’m very critical of my own work. :pout:

Oh, Cricket looks very cute in her sweater and blue suits her! :teehee:

Even the best artists aren’t often happy with their work, so don’t worry. But, IMHO, it looks fine :thumbsup: