BlueSand Cardigan pattern question

Hey all! I’m embarking on my first ever cardigan and I’ve gotten to the portion of the pattern where I’m supposed to work the sleeves.

The pattern just says ‘work textured pattern’ but there is no explanation on how to do it.
I’m assuming I’m just supposed to know how to do it, but I don’t know how to find a tutorial or explanation of it.
Does anyone know what this textured pattern is called so I can find a tutorial?

Welcome to KH!
Very good-looking cardigan. It’s apparently a very long pattern but I’ll bet that somewhere in the 15 pages or so, there’s a chart or instructions for the texture pattern. Over 2000 projects have been recorded on Ravelry and scanning some notes I don’t see any complaint about a missing part.
Take a look at the beginning of the pattern and at the end as well as in the section on the sleeves and see if you can locate the directions.

I looked through the pattern again and there was a chart in the body portion of the pattern! I overlooked it since I was just looking at the sleeve instructions. Thank you so much.