Blue Sky Alpacas Cotton Vest

So I started this a looong time ago (back in May, maybe?), but my seaming was so terrible, the result was ugly and I couldn’t wear it. So it went into the stash box. I pulled it out yesterday (since I was home anyhow having stabbed myself quite deeply in the ankle with some scissors. ouch) and ripped out the seams, re-seamed it, and added some ribbing to the neckline and armholes. Now it’s wearable, and just in time for fall!

I used 3 hanks of Blue Sky Alpacas Cotton (it’s soo soft, the nicest 100% cotton I’ve worked with) in the Tomato color on size 9 needles. It was supposed to be the Fitted Tank pattern from Blue Sky Alpacas, but shortly after I got the pattern, I lost it. So I had to wing it and had only been knitting for a couple of months.

Since one of my friends can’t stand all the headless knitting pictures (even if they happen to be the pic that shows the garment best), I’ll include a pic of my head, too.

Good Job!! :cheering: :cheering:

That’s really cute!! I’m impressed that’s what you came up with when you were just “winging it!” It looks fantastic on you!

It looks great! I can almost see how soft it must be. Love the tomato color too!

Hope your ankle is better!
I love, love blue sky cotton, too…my very fave cotton yarn :cheering:

Thanks, you guys :muah:

Rebecca, my ankle is better, though I didn’t walk far for 2 or 3 days. It was really quite silly. I left my scissors on the couch. They got tangled up and hidden in a crocheted afghan that stays on my couch, such that they were standing point up but hidden under the afghan. I plopped my leg on the couch and ouch! The blade went in oh so cleanly right below my ankle. Thank goodness I hopped off my white sofa immediately because it got real messy real fast. :pout: I’m so silly. And the crazy thing is, the next day, I left them on the couch again and they fell in between the two cushions, blades up, and I was just about to sit on them! Death by craft :eyes:

Oh, Nikki, those scissors got you in a very tender spot, too!!! I am so happy to hear that you are better!

wow, i LOVE that!!!

and i’m glad your ankle is better!

Great job on the sweater; it looks fantastic on you!

Beautiful color! It looks great on you. :thumbsup:

Ouch! I would so do that.

Beautiful job on the vest. It’s gorgeous and looks great on you.

Nikki its ADORABLE! I love the color on you. Great job. :cheering:

Its beautiful, well saved!!! Its a beautiful colour that really suits you.

Fancy stabbing yourself. Some people will do anything to get time off :roflhard: :roflhard:

:hug: Sharon

I love your vest! I hope your ankle feels better soon, and remember to be safe with those scissors!!