Blue Skies Cardigan?

I was just wondering if anyone has knit this cardigan
I really like the lenght and the buttons. I would knit it all one color.
Just wondering if anyone has knit it and if it’s hard?
I also noticed that you had to use steeking with this sweater. Is this process hard? I read the steeking log early. Just wondering if this project is too big to take on. I have been knitting for over a a year now…

Have you made any sweaters yet? If you have and you are comfortable with all the techniques you need to create this garment (shaping sleeves and armholes, plackets for buttonholes, short rows, wrapping, finishing techniques, blocking, etc.) then go for it.

However, if this is one of the first garments you are making I might consider finding a simpler pattern.

I’ve never steeked before but it doesn’t look too daunting!

Good luck,