Blue kool aid

Alright who is hoarding all the blue kool aid??? I can’t find it anywhere in Portland Oregon. Did one of y’all buy it all up? I thouhgt with summer would come more varieties of flavors but nooooOOOOooooo. Just the same old grape, oragne, tropical punch etc. I wanna dye my KP natural in a rainbow color but I don’t have blue. SOmeome please send me some blue!!! I’ll pay ya for it. pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaassseeeeeeee :pray:

No blue in my Kool-aid stash…rats! :wink:

I do have lots of blue Wilton icing coloring tho…the little tiny jars of gel-like coloring…if you have a Michael’s or JoAnn or some similar store, it’s worth checking out. The little bottles are about $1.50 but they go a long way! You use them the same way as Kool-aid…dissolve a little glob in hot water & some vinegar. :thumbsup:

Julie, I tried the Wilton paste food coloring and I didn’t have great luck with it. The Kool-Aid all got absorbed by the wool but the Wilton kept rinsing out even after I microwaved it. Just a warning from my experience!

Wow, that’s really interesting! I’ve used all Wilton the last few times I dyed and it didn’t rinse out…gotta add the vinegar, though… (forgot that once, never again!) :??


I bought them all at Kroger today. Sorry. I have some fingering weight merino coming from KP any day now. :rofling:

Of course, that probably doesn’t have anything to do with a shortage on the other edge of the country…

How many packs do you need? I think I may have some in my stash. Let me know :smiley:

I am in the same state too feministmama!!! I looked in my small town plus a few places in Eugene, no luck. So I decided to e-mail a few of my friends in California and Florida to find some for me. I have my first shipment coming in next week! By the way. did you know that you can buy kool-aid on eBay??? You can also purchase it on Amazon, but in large quanities.


Aren’t you sweet!! I will be in Massachusetts in August so I may have some luck there. If not I just may take you up on your offer. :cheering:

kool-aid on e-bay?!?! You can buy anything on there