Blue hoodie

I found this picture a long time ago, but I does’n have this type of yarn.

Now I bought something like that and I make this hoodie.

very cute!!

Oh now that is just soo darn cute! I love the little pom poms and the white trim. It looks so fuzzy and warm

Absolutely adorable! Where did you get the pattern?

That is so sweet! I like it better in the colors you have chosen.


That little hoodie is just too darn cute! Well done! :thumbsup:

Yours is much cuter than the original, good work!

Very cute :slight_smile:

Really cute

Very nice. The effect is almost like it was felted. I like the contrast colors you used.

:thumbsup: So cute and cuddly. I like the contrasting colors.

Thanks you very much. :muah: All of you!

I don’t have a pattern, I follow this picture: