Blue Heron Rayon Metallic top

Hello Everybody,

I posted a few months ago asking, essentially, how to purl (thanks your your help, btw). Now I have made this and am really happy with it. The picture is clickable. Never mind my twisted up mouth; I was eating a potato chip at the time. :slight_smile:

And I love the yarn. This was made from just one skein of it. It’s really pretty and pleasant to work with.


Stunning!! The colors are teriffic and it fits you perfectly!

What a great looking top! Love the colors!

That’s reallly beautiful. Nice yarn, perfect even stitches, beautiful model… I think you’ve got it covered!


Gorgeous!! Love the color and it fits you wonderfully!

I love it! Where can I find that pattern? :heart: :heart:

Very pretty! My DD would love it, so I better hide the pic from her! LOL

And you just learned to purl? I’m impressed.

Thanks everybody! :smiley:

Oh, right, the pattern! I used this pattern
But I had to modify a lot because I used a different yarn. So I went down a needle size, decreased the number of stitches (I don’t know if I decreased improperly or if it’s just the pattern, but I needed to end with K2 or row 3 of the lace pattern), and also because I wanted a less bulky look I started the neckline sooner and narrowed the straps a bit. But it’s essentially that pattern.

Well done. Very impressive.


:smiley: Looks great on you…excellent job :thumbsup:

:inlove: Great work, and so cool that you modified it to your own taste. Looks great on you. (Totally digging the hair do too)


That is gorgeous and looks perfect on you, too. But then again, with a figure like that, I’m sure most things do. :wink:

Wow! It look fabulous on you. I’m impressed with your pattern modifications too – I like yours better than the original!

That tank looks great on you!

That is beautiful! It looks great on you! :thumbsup:

Absolutely gorgeous!! and so’s the top lol. :lol:

great job–it looks awesome on you!

It looks great! You wear it well. :slight_smile: Nice work.