Blue garterlac dishcloth

Just a taste of what I’ve been up to while not on the forum.

Will post more finished projects whenever I get round to it (could be never) :aww: .

The pictures have been taken but I have to downsize them and I’m having problems with that. I will eventually put them on my photo blog and let you all know.


Love it! I still have to make one of these. :slight_smile:

Very pretty color. I was just looking t this pattern a couple of days ago…should quit looking and get busy! Good job!

That came out great! Mine came out all wonky when I tried that pattern. I love entrelac though!

Thanks everyone!

Jan, don’t go by your first try. The first time doing garterlac is just for trail and error. Another thing is that I’ve striaghtened this out a little before taking the picture. Can block if you want.

I tried to knit a Garterlac dishcloth a few years ago. I failed so miserably!

Yours is spectacular! My most favorite dishcloth ever!

I really like that! Great color!! I’m kinda afraid to try one given the other posts here :oo:

Just to make you feel better this was my very first attempt at garterlac. I almost gave up on it in the middle but I took a picture of it half done to post here and get some help from the more experienced knitters on this forum. I ended up not needing the forum’s help because I just looked at the photo a second time and realized by myself where I was in this puzzle.

Yes, the first one might be difficult. Try doing a mini sample first and if possible have someone next to you for help. I only had the Internet and I managed - just!