Blue Cardigan

This is my third sweater as well as my third knit project. I changed the sleeves to the basket-weave patterned because I did not like them in the Stockinette stitch. Can’t wait to get started on my next project.

Project was knitted with Impeccable yarn…it was really easy to use.


Regarding no picture …Oooops…thought I had it … do not know what I did or should I say did not do.
Sorry everyone…how embarrassing! Will try again later.

Good for you! So happy to have another sweater knitter on board!

Post a photo when you can! Would love to see it!

Waiting for husband who can hopefully help!


I can hardly wait to see what you do with your new project! I know it will be beautiful.

I’m “taking my medicine” right now, that is to say, finishing up the two sleeves for the Blackberry Cabled Cardigan. It’s slow going. :pout: My bad. Too many sidetrips! Had to frog one entire sleeve cap last night, to add more length to the body of the sleeve prior to armhole bindoffs. Drats. Just 1.25" too short.:wall: I hate high-water sleeves, but I hate “ape arms” even more. So it’s sometimes a real crap shoot when you’re deciding on the length of the sleeves. You can never trust the pattern to be a perfect fit, at least not for me!

I knit up one full sleeve; then clip the shoulder seams together for the Front and Back; then clip the sleeve into place; then clip the sleeve seam and side seams. Then try it on! And BEFORE committing to the second sleeve BTW!

Sigh. I’m so ready to begin the Nonpareil. I’ve read lots of good things about it. And no errors in the pattern, how nice is THAT??? in these days of sloppy pattern writing! Designers are pressured to crank out designs by the dozens. Deadlines, etc.

We suffer with them.


Sorry you are having trouble with the sleeves, hope it will work out soon.

I have learned the hard way about sleeve length. The sleeves on the sweater I posted yesterday are about 3" to long and the sweater is to big. From now on I will be pinning the sleeves on before I attach them. Thanks for that information!

my first project (a sweater vest) the pattern was wrong. Thank heavens it was a simple fix…had to do with to many beginning sts. I nearly drove myself nuts trying to work it out. I finally called the magazine and got to talk to the person in charge of the patterns. She was nice enough to e-mail me with all information I needed.

Happy knitting! :knitting:

Hi Bev!

Here are the baby clippies that I use to clip my garment pieces together prior to blocking and seaming. They are just great! Better to frog a sleeve that’s too long or short BEFORE blocking, and let alone seaming, too! :))

You can buy them at the grocery store, in the hair care section. They’re cheap, too! Easy to clip on, easy to remove! And they’re strong, and they don’t ruin the knitting at all.

What a great idea…You can bet I will be looking for them!
Thanks so much…:woohoo:

“Blue” cute baby dawg

the clips are not ruining your knitting? I would have bet they do! Maybe I need some, too.
I usually use my stitch holders to piece things together.

Today I am wearing my new cotton short sleeve (yup, intentionally short sleeves) but the bottom hem could really be longer. I already added 2 cm but I should have stuck with my first idea and make it even longer. Well, nice for spare time, too short for the office (that is why I wear a T-Shirt underneath.)