Blue Cardigan.....I hope

Finally…thank heavens. Had to have my husband resize the picture.

My 3rd sweater and 3rd project. Not perfect. It’s too large, but that’s alright. Just finished it yesterday so no buttons yet!

that’s outstanding for a 3rd project!!! I’m amazed and impressed!

Hey Bev! That is one darlin’ cardigan! You did a rockin’ job of it! Good for you!
You’re now officially part of my KH Sweater Knitters Club! :hug:

Only your third project?! It’s beautiful!

Yes… it is my 3rd project. I have been crocheting afghans for some time so it was not to much of a problem to read the knitting patterns. I taught myself the sts by watching videos on the internet…great learning tool.
My first project was a sweater vest. It looks alright but if you checked you would see a lot of mistakes. I learned lots from that 1st project.
I have always wanted to knit sweaters. To find this forum has been so helpful already. Thanks to all of you who have answered my questions…need I say there will be more! :knitting:

Ps: ArtLady …What is “KH Sweaters Knitters Club”?

GREAT JOB!! 3rd project? Wow …

WOW - you are a natural!! That’s fantastic :thumbsup:

looks great. But why “Blue” cardigan? It looks gray to me?
No matter what color: nice job! Keep those stitches rolling!

It really is blue but not a strong blue and it probably does have some gray tones also…could not get the color to show up well in the pictures I took.

Whatever the “true” color it is gorgeous! Very nice work. Have you chosen the buttons yet? I always have so much trouble finding good buttons to match my projects.

No I haven’t chosen the buttons yet…I don’t really know where to go to get sweater buttons. Any ideas? :knitting:

I think Artlady has the best eye for buttons! I usually take my sweaters to JoAnn and stand there and look and look and look…

Gorgeous!! Well done-can’t believe that’s only your THIRD project!!