Blue cardigan for my daughter

I love knitting

I have just finished knitting this cardigan for my daughter and I would like to share this with you

This one also for my daughter

Which one do you think is more beautiful?

Wow, what an impossible choice! The sweaters are gorgeous, every one. Your daughter will have such fun choosing which to wear. Lovely work.

So sweet! I think they’re all nice, but I especially like the pattern of the second one (and the added flower ;))

Thank you very much

I love 'em all!

I love them all. Think the third one takes first place though.

:grphug: :grphug:

Very pretty, I like them all. How old is your daughter?

Thank you all very much for encouraging me :muah:

I have two 18 and 20

They are all too gorgeous!!!

They are all beautiful but the third is most elegant.

You made fantastic sweater.
Would you mind sharing with me the chart for the third white one?

Thank you and Best regards,

very pretty, all of them.
I really like the neck shaping.

Will you adopt me? I need a few sweaters. They are all very nice.

I like the third one - very pretty and feminine.