Blue Baby Blanket

This is a baby blanket I did for my son’s girlfriend’s brother. It is their first baby. I used Bernat Softee Baby yarn in baby blue. I held 2 strands together and used a size 9 needle. The blankie came out to 34 X 36 inches. I got the pattern out of a very old Paton’s book that originally sold for .65 cents.

:inlove: wow…I love that pattern… you did a great job :woohoo:

soooo pretty! i love the texture!

That is really beautiful! :inlove:

Beautiful work. :slight_smile:

Wonderful blanket :heart:


Holy cow that is a gorgeous blanket. The recipient of that is one lucky baby! You did a wonderful job on that blanket. Can you direct me as to where to get the pattern for that?

I love it. Very pretty.

what a treasure! very nice

The blanket is beautiful! I love the pattern. Was it hard to do?

Thank you everyone for the very nice compliments. The pattern wasn’t hard to do. In fact I found each row’s instruction easy to memorize. It took me about 2 weeks to make this blanket. I have attached a picture of the booklet that I got the pattern from. It is a very old booklet, so old that it cost .65 Cents when first purchased. Sometimes you can still find this booklet on the Internet.


Very pretty! Nic job!

ooh, that is lovely!

Very very nice!!


That is sooooo beautiful!! What a treasure that will be !!! Thanks for posting the picture of the booklet, too! Some of these old pattern books have such beautiful patterns in them!

that looks amazing! I have a bunch of old pattern books that were my Gram’s and I love to look at them. I have made a few, but sometimes finding the proper yarn is a challenge.

BRAVO!!! The pattern is simply [COLOR=sandybrown]:thumbsup:[SIZE=6] [I][FONT=Palatino Linotype]Beautiful!![/FONT][/I][/SIZE][/COLOR]