Blossom noro bag

Has anyone made this bag from the Simply Noro book?? It says to sew it together, and I’m wondering do I really SEW it together. Thank you.

You would hand-seam it with yarn, not with a sewing machine.

Thank you… Maybe that was a dumb question but kept thinking it meant the sewing machine.

A. There are no dumb questions, except the ones you don’t ask.
B. You can find instructions for seaming knitted pieces here:

There are several ways to join pieces. I don’t know this pattern or the Noro yarn you are using, but Mattress Stitch would generally be my first choice if you want an invisible seam. However, if you are planning to felt the bag or if you want a well-defined seam, try the Backstitch or Crochet join. It’s really up to you – you’re the boss of your own knitting.