I am thinking about starting a blog mostly to do with the crafts me and my friend are currently involved in (knit, crochet, beading, quilting).

I noticed a number of you here in the forum have one, I just wanted to get some feedback and ideas on what service you use, if you think it is worth the time, etc.

I totally love blogging, although my service is in Dutch and won’t be usable for you (I assume you don’t know any Dutch). But I think you should absolutely start a blog. It’s fun. And you’ve got a great archive about everything you made and things that happend while doing that. I love to read back in my blog once in a while as well.

I use livejournal, which does have some crafting communities. I like it because it’s easy–lots of my friends use LJ, and I can see all of their new posts on one page.

Other popular services are blogger and blogspot. I suggest looking at different blog sites and seeing what you like. Xanga and Myspace are more social-networking sites than anything, so I wouldn’t recommend them.

My livejournal is at if you’d like to see it. Click around and you can see different livejournal set-ups, too.

I use Live Journal too when I remember to actually update it (i have been waaaaaaaaaay better than i have been in the past…lol)

WordPress :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

You can use their server side blogging tool or you can install your own blog on your own server, which is what I did.

I don’t update that much because I’m sick of listening to myself whine. :rofl:

“Waaah, I want to move to Boston, Waaah, my job is boring, waaaah, I still live at home.”

Thank you for you responses and for the links. I will investigate around and make a choice. It was also cool to look at some of your blogs.

Thanks again.

I’ve tried pretty much all of the popular ones out there, and WordPress definitely won me over. It was easy to install in my website

Not the most stylish blog out there, and I keep telling myself I’m gonna edit and do fun things with it, but never really get to.

I use Moveable Type and I like it a lot. I’ve never had problems with it. I used to use Blogger but I didn’t care for it. I found the interface cumbersome. Everytime I wanted to update my template, I would lose all my links. I don’t have that problem with MT.

I just added you as a friend, Brenda! :muah:

I’m a LiveJournal girl, too! :happydance:

I use b2evolution on my blog ( and I really like it – but you need to host it yourself or purchase server space somewhere to host it on. I believe Wordpress would be a nice alternative if you don’t have access to server space for hosting.

I use LiveJournal for my daily journal, and for my knitting journal I use I like LiveJournal best because you can customise it more, have icons, and with one click you can see all your friends’ most recent journal entries.