Blogger tutorial anywhere?

I feel it’s time I break down and start my own blog, if for no other reason than to journal my knitting. I am terribly technologically challenged, and I don’t follow written instructions very well. I need a good visual explanation of things, preferrably written at a 3rd grade level. :oops:

Can anyone direct me to a place that can talk me through setting up my own blog? I am apparently already signed up to have one through blogger, as I had to register to be able to post on others’ blogs.

After you join blogger they have pretty good instructions. I found some parts hard, but working with the template format makes it a lot easier.

Okay, I guess I just need to dive in and try it. :wink:

And really, what you might want to look for are visual guides to HTML and style sheets (CSS), since those are the basic components of any blogging platform. Once you’ve learned those basics, you can transfer them to any blogging service should you decide that Blogger’s not for you.