Blogger question

I have started a new blog on blogger and I have added the kh button but I don’t know how to edit the template I’m using at all–I’d like to add a “title” over my buttons in the same font and in line with the “archive” title. Is there anyone that can give me some pointers on how to do this??? My blog is (I think)! :slight_smile: TIA!

Cristy, in that particular template, the script headings are graphics (not text with a type style selected, like many of the other standard blogger templates). So the only way to duplicate them would be to create complimentary graphics, assuming that you have that font on your computer. Not the answer you were hoping for, I’m sure. :doh:

That template is popular.

Go to my blog (linked in sig) and you can grab the header that says “links” - thats using the same script. A friend found that for me. Add it into the bit where it says sidebar and fiddle with the sizing (see how the other headings are linked in in the template). You will need to house the pic somewhere - photobucket or flickr are good for this!