Blogger giving away yarn

I was reading one of my knitblogs, and I saw a link to another blog where the blogger is giving away yarn in a drawing from everyone who participates in a survey she’s doing about how people read comics. You can go to her blog for more information and to ask to participate! She asked for people to spread the word (surveys are only really applicable if you have a decent sample size) so I’m hoping that posting something here will help her out.

Comics AND yarn? :out:

. . .I might even give out some yet-to-be-chosen yarn to a lucky participant. . .

Only one participant may receive yarn. I’m passing, although we read the comics every day.

Thanks, I went and signed up.

me too

Hiya, I’m the one who’s doing the contest. Thanks for posting this! I’ve gotten suggestions for sock yarn so I’m thinking of giving away some Socks That Rock or Koigu, but it’s up to the winner to decide what they’d like. I’m willing to spend around $40 on the prize, depending on shipping, etc.