Blog: Too Many Pattern Books

Updated my blog…discovered that I have WAY too many pattern books. There is no way I’m going to make all the items in all these books in my lifetime! :roflhard: :knitting:

I don’t understand this concept of too many books of any sort…never such a thing existed of too many books…this coming from a gir w 8 boxes still packed from a move and 3 unpacked :roflhard:

Oh, you DO understand! :woohoo: :yay:

I’m constantly buying more pattern books, magazines, leaflets, etc. Right now I have 316 in my Ravelry library: 91 books, 164 magazines, 57 booklets, and 4 PDF files. I also have several other books and magazines and booklets that are not found in Ravelry. If I ever use any of those patterns, I will ask Ravelry to add them to their database.

I also have 240 issues of the old Workbasket magazines. Right now, they only have about 15 issues in the Ravelry database.

This doesn’t include the hundreds of free and purchased patterns I have downloaded on my computer. :teehee:

I’m a confirmed pattern addict. :help:

I’m right there with y’all!

We’ll all have to live to be 867 years old to make everything from the books/pamphlets/magazines/free downloads.

Here’s to longevity! :clink:

Only 11 boxes? I think last time I moved I had 30 boxes of books. (By training, I’m a philosopher, and I have a pretty extensive library of primary sources. Though someday I’ll decide that I really don’t need quite so many copies of Plato’s Republic. :slight_smile: )